Computer Crimes/Cyber Crimes

Computer Fraud and Cyber Crime in South Florida

Are you under investigation for Computer Fraud or Cyber Crime in South Florida? Worried about going to prison?

If you were recently arrested or are presently under investigation for state or federal Computer Crime or Cyber Crime, then here is something you should know:


  • Computer Crime pertains to criminal acts that are committed through the use of a computer.
  • Cyber-crime and Internet crime usually involves the use of a computer and the Internet or cyber space.

Computer crimes, cyber-crimes and Internet crimes can be “pre-computer” crimes that existed before the advent of the computer, such as:

  • embezzlement,
  • fraud,
  • financial scams,
  • identity theft,
  • stalking, etc.

They can also include “modern technology” crimes that began with the introduction of personal computers, networks, cyberspace, and the Internet:

  • hacking,
  • phishing (smishing: SMS texting and phishing; vishing: voice and phishing),
  • pharming,
  • spam,
  • software piracy,
  • information warfare,
  • viruses,
  • worms,
  • denial–of-service attacks,
  • Trojan Horses,
  • Bots,
  • Malware (malicious code),
  • e-scams,
  • cyber-stalking,
  • cyber-bullying,
  • online predators,
  • drug trafficking, etc.

Computer crimes, cyber-crimes and Internet crimes include various categories of criminal activity.

The U.S. Department of Justice classifies cyber-crime into 3 basic categories:

  • The crime of illegally obtaining computer hardware and software;
  • Crimes that directly target the Internet (chat rooms, e-mails, notice boards and groups),computer networks, the “cloud” or mobile phones (ie: computer hacking, viruses, worms; any unwanted intrusion into an electronic device) and
  • Crimes committed through the use of the Internet, computer networks, the cloud or mobile phones (ie: fraud and identity theft, phishing, pharming,e-scams, embezzlement, software piracy, music piracy, movie piracy, cyber terrorism; child pornography, international espionage, financial theft, etc).

If you are under investigation or charged with computer fraud or cyber-crime, it is extremely important that you contact a criminal defense attorney to help fight the seizure of your computers or other property. There are over 40 Federal and State laws relating to computer fraud and cyber-crime. Computer fraud and cyber-crime charges are far more serious than you may think, and having a knowledgeable South Florida criminal defense attorney on your side is your best defense.

Do you feel that law enforcement conducted an illegal search and seizure of your computer or other computer-related property belonging to you?

Recently the emphasis of South Florida law enforcement has been the seizing and holding of personal computers of those under investigation for computer fraud or cyber-crime.

In their race to combat computer fraud and cyber-crime, police have occasionally been found conducting illegal searches and seizure of personal computers and other related property. The Florida Criminal Defense Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. will fiercely fightto protect and defend your constitutional rights against such illegal search and seizure actions.

Richard G. Salzman believes that, by protecting one client’s rights during a computer fraud or cyber-crime investigation or prosecution, we protecteveryone’s rights against improper and illegal government action. We are dedicated to defending your rights and making sure that every aspect of your investigation, arrest and prosecution is done according to state and federal laws.

Right Now, Can There Be Anything More Important Than Your Freedom?

Contact Richard G. Salzman to set up a meeting to discuss your charges and evaluate your case. Mr. Salzman’s first priority is helping you avoid a computer fraud or cyber-crime conviction that can ruin your life!

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