With Florida’s economy faltering, more fraudulent enterprises are being discovered and more Federal and State resources are being provided to law enforcement to investigate, arrest and prosecute those engaged in criminal fraudulent activity. As a result of the government’s aggressive action toward fraud, innocent businesses and individuals are being targeted for fraud investigations and arrests.

Fraud Covers a Wide Range of Theft Crimes in Florida

Fraud can be a criminal offense and can also result in civil damages. The most common fraudulent scheme and the one most often prosecuted is one where people are defrauded of money.

Mortgage Fraud and Marriage Fraud

There is a direct correlation between foreclosures and elevated mortgage fraud levels. Since Florida led the nation in foreclosures over the last three years, it isn’t surprising that Florida led the nation with $260 Million in mortgage fraud last year.

Today investigators and prosecutors are scrutinizing real estate brokers, mortgage lenders and their employees, appraisers and investors.

If you’re under investigation for mortgage fraud and you are accused of any of the following…

  • using a false appraisal,
  • improperly inflating your income or assets,,
  • filingmultiple claims for homestead exemption,
  • your liabilities and debts weren’tnot fully disclosed or were altered,
  • lying on your “stated income” loan (lying about the amount of income or lying about the source of the income),
  • your collateral was overstated,
  • inflating the length of your employment or reportingfake employment,
  • improperly defining your investment propertyas your residence,
  • employinga proxy investor to buy real estate for you in order to avoid financial disclosure…

then you need a consultation with the Florida Criminal Defense Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. Richard G. Salzman will assist you in evaluating and preparing a vigorous mortgage fraud defense.

Are you under investigation for Marriage Fraud? Worried about the consequences?

Because Florida is the gateway immigration state, more and more innocent American citizens are finding themselves under Federal investigation for Marriage Fraud. Marriage fraud is where one person enters into a marriage for personal monetary gain or in order to obtain immigration benefits or a fast-track to U.S. citizenship. Often only one party is aware of the fraud, the other party is an unwitting participant.

Richard G. Salzman has the criminal defense experience representing individuals facingmarriage fraud accusations.  Richard G. Salzman and his dedicated staff provide assistance in preparing an aggressive defense to marriage fraud allegations.

Criminal Fraud can be alleged by many methods including mail fraud, wire fraud and the internet (computer crime and internet fraud).

Other types of criminal fraud include:

  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Check Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Counterfeiting (money, labels, jewelry, pocketbooks, clothing, music)
  • Creating fictitious companies
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • False advertising
  • False billing
  • False insurance claims
  • Forgery of documents or signatures
  • Health care fraud (Medicare/Medicaid fraud)
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • False Identification ID cards; False Florida Drivers’ Licenses
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Securities Fraud; Stock Fraud; Mutual Fund Fraud
  • Telemarketing Fraud

Experienced and Aggressive Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

Florida Criminal Defense lawyer Richard G. Salzman will work every angle to get your Fraud case dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge to avoid the harsh sanctions of a Fraud conviction.

The Florida Criminal Defense Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. handles any criminal or civil defense pertaining to mortgage fraud, stock fraud, marriage fraud, securities fraud or any of the fraud topics listed in this section. If you have been charged with Fraud in South Florida and are in need of personalized representation, The Florida Criminal Defense Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. can offer the criminal defense you deserve. Our firm offers years of experience in successfully defending criminal cases throughout South Florida.

The Florida Criminal Defense Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. is a well-respected, full service, highly qualified and professional Florida Criminal Defense Law firm located in Hollywood, Florida with a Regional office in Naples, Florida. Richard G. Salzman is dedicated to the aggressive representation and defense of those accused of forgery. The Florida Criminal Defense Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. is committed to provide you with the vigorous defense you need. We will aggressively analyze, review and address all of the legal and factual issues and defenses that may arise in your case.

When you retain The Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm of Richard G. Salzman, P.A., you can be assured that The Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. will not only defend your rights, but will help to guide you through the confusing and stressful criminal process. If you were arrested orcharged with stock fraud, check fraud, forgery, mortgage fraud, securities fraud or any other type of fraud, contact The Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. today to discuss your case.

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