Retail Theft


I borrowed a shopping cart, is that considered “Retail Theft ?”

Strictly speaking, retail theft is a specific charge where you are accused of theft or attempted theft of merchandise or shopping carts from a store.

What must the prosecutor prove in order to convict me of retail theft?

In order to be convicted of retail theft, the State must prove that:

(1) you knowingly:

  • took possession of or carried away merchandise, or
  • altered or removed a label or price tag from merchandise, or
  • transferred merchandise from one container to another, or
  • removed a shopping cart from a merchant’s premises. And…

(2) By engaging in any of the acts described in a-d (above), you intended to deprive a retail merchant of

  • possession,
  • use,
  • benefit,
  • or full retail value of the merchandise or shopping cart.

How is Retail Theft Proven in Florida?

To prove their case against you, the prosecutor will rely on

  • statements of astore’s loss prevention officer,
  • store video surveillance (video tape of you attempting to take or conceal merchandise),
  • any written statements you may have given to the store’s employees or police,
  • any admissions of guilt you may have made,
  • statements of other customers who witnessed the incident,
  • store receipts,
  • statements of your co-defendants, and
  • producing the items taken or photographs of the items taken.

How to Help Yourself Stay Out of Jail…

If you’re charged with Retail Theft in Florida, yourFlorida criminal defense lawyer can fight those charges by raisingdefenses on your behalf, such as:

  • mistaken identity (they confused you with someone else),
  • mistaken accusations (they accused the wrong person),
  • the video is unclear or shows someone else stealing the items,
  • aggressive and hostile loss prevention officers made false accusations against you,
  • you mistakenly left the store with unpaid items,
  • you forgot about items temporarily placed in yourhandbag or your baby’s stroller,
  • you were set up by a co-defendant,
  • items were not found in your possession,
  • you left the store for a legitimate reason other than stealing (to put money in the meter, to let your friend know which store you are in)
  • a previous costumer altered or removed the price tags


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