Two monster WINS in court this week!

AWESOME WEEK in court!! I achieved two huge WINS for my clients:

(1) Client G.K., a Private Investigator and owner of a licensed Florida Private Investigation Agency, was subpoenaed to testify at deposition this week and ordered to turn over sensitive confidential documents to opposing counsel. Because my client is protected under Florida Statute 493.6119 and was not given sufficient time to respond to the subpoena, I filed an Emergency Motion for Protective Order and Motion to Quash Subpoena. One day before the hearing on my Motion, opposing counsel agreed NOT to depose my client and limited their request to one invoice, which my client was happy to provide. An Agreed Order was filed the following day and my client was not required to give testimony at deposition or to produce sensitive and confidential documents.

(2) Client B.G. was charged in two separate cases with being a “Felon in Possession of a Firearm or Ammunition,” a 1st Degree Felony. If convicted, client would up to 60 years in state prison; 30 years for each criminal violation. Just days before a trial date was set and jury selection to begin, the State offered client a SWEET deal; two years prison with credit for 1 year time served, to close out BOTH felony cases. This means client would only have to spend one year in prison. Client gladly accepted State’s offer!





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